Sunday, 13 March 2016

Being Selfish

Have we ever wondered what we decide right now might injure someone in the future? Or even now? Suffering, pain and hapless are effects in life to go through.

Here's an example :
You're given an assignment to complete in a week. But you have to be in a group of three as per stated by the lecturer or you might suffer several marks loss. In a class of 20 people, there are a lot that had already formed their own click. The remaining would be leftover which people considered as those whose often troubled or independent. One of them might be you.

You could have do it yourself and suffered a bit loss in marks although sometimes you preferred to be grouped with the troubled friends and suffered a bit of miscommunication but abling yourself to avoid loss in marks.

The lecturer might already had the opportunity to group his students accordingly but he believed his students are better off without him. So he left the decision for his students to make.

However, in today's millennium fast world, society was more keen about grades and in thrall to gossip and tittle-tattle about embarassing news more than preserving one's repute. Thus, competition take place and whoever first, he win!

My example might a bit far-off to certain people. Why should be concern about a measly grade? Then again, I'm not pinpointing at grades and stature. But I'm telling how selfish is breed at a wrong way in early age.

Second example :
A child is burdened to held financial burden from parents ever since an early age. Necessity such as stationaries, books, clothes and food are not fair to middling. Not only that, the child has to suffered 20 minutes riding to and fro. When the child continued to upper education and begin holding an amount of money on his own, the parents came back asking a lil bit to cover their expenses. The child would again suffered a day or two without food and books due to parents' negligence.

Parents would have thought they had no longer burdened with the child's well-being. So, they started spending their money at a frighten speed. However, many has not thought about the loan taken by their child. Taking money from the child which should be used for education, relentless about not receiving support from their golden child, somewhat has becoming norm amongst parents nowadays.

I might touch a lot about family although I write only a few sentences but concern and worry lies deep in each and every words presented above. Why would one bother about someone else's business and their way of raising their family? Because of one's ignorance of looking deep in the future is making damage to the people we love.

Be the best might be too ambitious even for Neil Amstrong. Trying his best was what brought him as the first human to step foot on the moon. His effort of doing his best was creating him a ticket to be known until nowadays. Along the way, he might sacrifice things which some people considers selfish of him to be number one. But he's ambitious to do his best. Thus, his selfishness brought him forward and allows him to reach his success.

Selfish is and will always be a part of human's behaviour. To overcome ill-feeling due to this behaviour, we should practice "listen and understand". I am not fighting nor pointing finger to parents and bad friends here just because they acted the way I mentioned above. No. In their own way, they might cited me as ignorance as well. Going through my way and leaving them behind brought them to be on their way as well. In that manner, I may be in the wrong. But, time will play its roles. So, give it a try and they will cool it off. At the end of the road, understanding will emerge. As if waiting for fish to eat my bait, I might get a catch or I may not get any. Cherio.